Pay It Forward

Team Caveo program graduates have the opportunity to volunteer their time and newly acquired skills to assist future students and the local community.

As a Team Caveo Mentor, selected graduates may assist current students during lab exercises; helping to explain the technologies, configuration tasks, and address any other questions the students may have.  Mentors may advance to become assistant instructors and have the opportunity to provide lectures to the class.

Team Caveo will work with churches and other non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide assistance to the local community.  Understanding that these organizations may lack the budget and skill sets to properly implement and maintain their Information Technology infrastructure, Team Caveo graduates will volunteer their time to make any necessary improvements to the organizations system infrastructure and to ensure that it is operating efficiently.  All work is overseen by the Team Caveo staff and other volunteers with senior level experience.

Please contact Team Caveo if you believe your organization may benefit from this program. 

Team Caveo is all about empowering the local community. This is something our students are excited about doing and it only makes sense for them to use what they learned to help the community around them.
— Jeff Colburn, Executive Director